Winter Star has been creating and acquiring and shopping a number of exciting new scripted and unscripted television series to meet “peak TV demand”:



This is a feature film being released in 2020  – see “Movies” page but it is ideal for television networks and streaming channels that feature documentaries.  It also could be split into two one-hour episodes.   And this could then be the first two episodes of an eight-episode first season where people are healed from the debilitation ravages of hate in their lives, like the television series intervention.  The film generated about 40 interviews, many of which we could not include in the ninety-minute feature.

“RISK PRO’S” explores the world of today’s stuntmen, follows the daily lives of the best ones, the families they have, their greatest stunts, what motivates them to put their lives at risk, the secrets of how they do it, and the amazing stories of the great stuntmen and stunts of yesteryear.

“168ers – FILM IT OR BUST” – Follows five creative filmmaking teams (out of 50) in the intense energy of speed film competition that’s been going for 16 years in Los Angeles with contestants from around the world. 168 hours to shoot, edit, and turn in a finished 10-minute film for awards, glory, screening in Hollywood.  The joy of victory, the agony of a shoot gone bad, the miracles that happen on the set.

“AUDITION” No, it’s not singing, No, it’s not dancing. It’s the next phase in the evolution of a whole new untapped talent competition pool that will forever change this genre. A show a movie star called this trailer “F’ing Brilliant”, a top research analyst as RealScreen predicted it would get top focus group ratings, and a First-look media buyer said when ready, “I will be the first in line to buy this show.”

“UNSUNG EVERYDAY HEROES” Not the celebrities or those always in the news, but this show finds and celebrates the incredible stories of courage and heroism among our “ordinary” neighbors that inspire us to be better people as opposed to going after ratings by broadcasting the dark edgy stories of those tearing our society apart. It’s time for us in media to give back, and maybe we’ll find even better ratings.

‘GOD’S ARMY” is a documentary and potential miniseries of how two ten-year-old siblings with a spiritual and charismatic power led a volunteer militia and stood up to the all-powerful army of Myanmar to protect the human rights of their people.



In addition to the feature film, we are releasing in 2020 “Secret Agent Dingledorf”  the best selling author, Bill Myers. Has many other series over 130 books of IP in all.  Winter Star Productions has a special relationship with Bill Myers and many of his series could be ideal for kids, teens, and adult live-action TV series.    Included in these are the Wally McDoogle series (over 30+ books, over 2+M, sold, with titles that usually start with “My Life as…”, e.g. “My Life as a Smashed Burrito”, “My Life as Alien Monster Bait”, “My Life as a Toasted Time Traveler”,

An upper tween series, which could evolve into high school is “T.J. and the Time Stumblers” (six books in series) Where teenage T.J. in a junior high school in Malibu becomes a history project for two goofball teens from the 23rd Century who have traveled back in time to study her.

Bill’s best-known Teen series, is “Forbidden Doors (12 books) is about a teen sister and brother who are confronted with supernatural opponents: (Ouija, charm necklaces, reincarnation, spells, and curses, séances, spirit guides, alien contact, voodoo, vampires, satan, etc.) and have to overcome them.  This series won the C.S. Lewis Honor Award.

For Adults, the Harbinger Series (17+ volumes), again in the supernatural space, Bill Myers and other bestselling fiction writers, like Frank Peretti, Angela Hunt, and Alton Gansky, have written an anthology series based on Bill’s four leading characters: a tattoo artist, a professor, a geek, a college jock, and a ten-year-old, who all have special paranormal abilities brought together to solve certain crimes that are outside the jurisdiction of local authorities.


Crisis Inc. It’s about an under the radar, major law firm based in Philadelphia that gradually began to take on more and more exotic cases as fixers for mega-clients (Fortune 500 companies, multinationals, the U.S. government, foreign governments, multibillionaires, metropolis police departments, and so on).

Think of it like a real-world “Mission Impossible”, sort of a “law firm”, Sloan and Sloan, better known as “Crisis, Inc.” that the big players call to solve their real-world problems. Sometimes their cases are solved in court, but just as often at the end of a gun.

The firm employs specialists who are: super-detectives, white hat hackers, former black-ops agents, engineers, rocket scientists, special effects artists, magicians, Pulitzer journalists, psychiatrists/profilers, medical doctors, high-end financiers/brokers.  They solve cases that governments of private industry cannot or is not allowed or is not equipped to solve: responsibility for the collapse of a Verrazano type bridge, international industrial theft of weapons systems, corruption in major police departments, a rash of teen fantasy vampire game deaths, a CIA within the CIA government conspiracy, tracking down missing nuclear weapons, alien abductions of Jetfighter pilots, terrorism attacks in the family of Saud, etc.