“I Hate you, but it’s killing me” (2020)

Living with hate toward someone that you know can destroy you and hold you captive for years.
Discover where it starts, and how survivors have overcome its grip on their hearts and transformed into a life of freedom and success.





It’s estimated that 98% of all UFO (or UAP – Unidentified Flying Phenomenon) sightings can be explained by natural phenomena, but 2% cannot, and the evidence is growing that something very real is happening and an earth-shaking paradigm shift is coming.  Coming In 2024 the documentary “UFO’s and God” on the UFO/UAP phenomenon will examine the unstated premise of the many streaming programs on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and the History Channel tell us that these are Intergalactic travelers with technology far, far advanced than ours also have far better answers to the ultimate questions of life than our traditions.  And, we may need to rethink everything we know about history and the world.  Is this true?  Or is there some other more sinister agenda going on behind this UFO/UAP phenomenon?


SECRET AGENT DINGLEDORF”  The Case of the Giggling Geeks.

Dr. Chuckles and his cabal of clowns have created a laugh generator that will throw the world into mean-spirited laughter and collapse world peace. Bernie and his pals Lens Cap, (budding director) and iQ, (a child for ADHD) ate the Gooey Chewy bars Chuckles made for his clowns to give them immunity from the Laugh Generator. Bernie and his posse are the only ones who can save the world from the Clowns.

From Best Selling Author, Bill Myers (8M+ books, DVD’s) & Veteran ASC D.P. & Director, Billy Dickson
Starring: Paul Johansson (One Tree Hill) Jason Dolley (Good Luck Charlie), introducing Zachary Arthur Summer/Fall 2020 – Amaris Media Intl.



“MIDNIGHT RECKONING” (aka “Fall of Night”) was released theatrically in the Fall of 2010 after an award-winning Festival Run and some international sales.


“Intriguing, jeopardy-filled thriller.”

— Dr. Ted Baehr, Movieguide magazine

“Played in our Horror sidebar to an enthusiastic crowd who loved it.”

— Erich Schultz, festival director

London Independent Film Festival

“A tremendous feat.  mysterious and spiritual all at once.  Don’t miss it.”

— Karen Covell,

segment producer NBC’s “Headliners and Legends”

Courageous piece of work.”

— Coleman Luck, showrunner “The Equalizer,” “Burning Zone,” “Gabriel’s Fire”

“Taut, edge-of-your-seat nail-biter.”

— Oscar Ray, founder-director  Bare Bones International Film Festival

“Disorienting supernatural tale.  exciting, entertaining cinema.  Marketing demo is fairly broad, ranging from younger thriller crowd to more mature audience seeking deeper meaning.”

— Peter Belsito, executive VP, Film Finders,

spooky, unsettling, and provocative.  Classic telling of the old adage, ‘You can run but you can’t hide.’

– Kim Dorr, Principal, Defining Artists Talent Agency

“Quirky sci-fi road picture.  ‘twilight zone’ meets ‘groundhog day.’

— Michael Sajbel, director

“The Ultimate Gift,” “One Night with the King”

How moviegoers* expect they’ll embrace the commercial release of Midnight Reckoning

55% Buy the DVD  90% Would Rent the DVD 

74% Would see the film in a Theater,  75% would recommend seeing the film theatrically

(from a test screening)